Selected Recent Work


The score for this moody (and shocking) thriller was an eclectic mix of electronic, ambient, drones, and sinister synths, kept going by driving percussion.


This homage to 1980s B-grade sci-fi had a unique prompt: "John Williams Meets John Carpenter." The result was an explosion of synths, choirs, sawtooths, and pounding percussion that tells a story of grand adventure and sweeping emotion (and space wizards).


Inspired by the music of the "Fallout" games, this short was scored with a mix of classic orchestral themes, rickety blues, rusty electric guitar, and ambient electronic drones for an emotional, adventurous, post-apocalyptic atmosphere.


Another tongue-in-cheek thriller, this horror-comedy was all mood: pianos, tense strings, and orchestral stabs for a vintage slasher atmosphere.

Additional Sample Tracks

Slow, moody, pondering. Strings, harp, quiet pads.

Creepy, atmospheric, foreboding. Pads, strings, percussion.

Zippy, jazzy, and fun. Bass, flugelhorn, harp, piano.

Tense, ominous, unresolved. Strings, snare, anvil, dulcimer.

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